Monday, 15 April 2013

Mr Porter Football Club

Creating the visual identity for a football club that resembles the brand aesthetic was quite a fun task. Mr Porter love to play with humor so there was alot to play with. Classic football badges with interlocking initials was the first port of call as the Mr Porter typeface plays quite a strong part in the branding. 

Added in the elements such as a blower hat and dickie bow with a football, and I think the classic football team feel is acheived. I created a couple of options, the below design of the gentleman with the ball face, is a play on the fact Mr Porter like to create an anonymous character.


  1. It is difficult to disagree with the previous comment.

  2. brilliant shirt, I remember that seem to have introduced a similar shirt? I want to buy one!

  3. As always brilliant shirts!
    Thank your for your information