Friday, 30 November 2012

Monaco Marlboro Nike Design - Revisit

This is a re-visit of a design I did in 2009, Its one which I have been looking to update for a while (it also gave me a chance to tweak my template in time for issue 3) Its a design which I know would never happen, but always fascinated me.

Marlboro as a brand and package always made me think of the Monaco kit, so I thought, why not design a mash up of the two!

The artwork to the left is by Evan Hecox who is an illustrator whos style I admire greatly. And I think he's captured all the angles and the essence of the package I wanted in the design.


  1. One of your great designs, to me. Many times i come back and look for this. Of course its just a concept, and i think that kind of stuf are great. I always bisit your blog and just wanna say: GREAT JOB!

  2. The Monaco football shirt design looks very nice. I like it. It is as good as the unveiled Monaco football shirts